05 December 2011

Upcoming Posts

Hey guys, I'm alive. I figured that instead of not posting until I had a decent post ready, I'd post briefly about what's up and what's coming soon.

First of all, I have been very busy with university. Since it's almost the end of the semester, I have had so many deadlines to deal with. The fact that the holidays coming up soon too does not help. Nevertheless, I have some posts that I'm going to write... hopefully before January but no promises.

I hope to be posting more than just this but hopefully you'll see all these posts before 2012.

On another note, a few of you have said that they'd like to get me something off my Wish List. While I do appreciate this, I don't really need anything right now, plus I still need to thank the people who got me gifts.

Also for complicated personal reasons that I won't go into, I'd rather not receive any packages until after Boxing Day. Maybe I'll make my Wish List public again in a few weeks, we'll see.

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