05 June 2012

Feet Painted Purple

Hey guys, some of you messy feet fans may be experiencing déjà vu right about now. That's because this isn't a new video; it's actually a fairly old one that I filmed and uploaded before I even went to uni.

The reason why I'm posting it again now is because I had to delete the original video from YouTube for some personal reasons. And before you ask, everything's fine now, which is why I can post the video again.


On a related note, if do you like my messy feet stuff, you can now view all posts labelled 'messy feet' on this blog or check out the playlist of those videos (including the unlisted ones) from YouTube:

By the way, the fact that I posted this video with red, white and blue paint has nothing to do with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! For those of you curious, I do not care about the Royal Family at all; just because I'm British, doesn't mean I'm patriotic.

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