19 June 2012

Trashed With Paint

Hey guys, a weeks ago when I was taking a break from exam revision, I got a message from olivergunge asking if I was up for a little messy session. Of course I said Yes and visited him that evening with a white t-shirt, black jeans, four bottles of paint and my camera.

The white t-shirt was a gift from the generous chalkstoned from SlaveBoys so thanks a lot to him!


  1. hello sexy loving the paint job looks well fun ,
    hope you enjoyed it , love te mess


  2. The thanks is all yours,

    You have, whether you realise it or not, helped me out hugely on my journey and given I haven't been able to thank you properly it was just my little way of saying thank you.

    Hopefully someday the help you have given me will be more apparent and I may have the opportunity to say thank you in person, but I appreciate all teh chats we have for now and how welcome & comfortable you make me feel.

    Keep up your good works



  3. WoW~This looks really fun~
    May I ask what kind of paint did you use?
    Was it non toxic?