01 June 2012


A rainbow flag badge on a Vans shoe.

Today is the beginning of LGBT Pride Month in America. As a result, it got me thinking about how proud I am to be gay and honestly, I'm not fully there.

Those of you who read my 'coming out' posts will know that the last few months haven't been great for me. At the time of writing: my mother's okay but not completely happy with my sexuality, I'm not out to all of my friends yet and I'm completely closeted to all other family members.

I'm not going to any Pride events this June either (though you'll see why next week) but I do want to go to a parade in the future; maybe next year. I'd also like to visit a gay club at some point but I'd rather go with someone I know, so that might have to wait a bit.

For the future, I'm planning on coming out to more people at university. Although I'm not in the closet at university, most people on my course still just assume that I'm straight. I suppose I should also come out to my friends although it's a bit difficult since some of them know my less-accepting family (who I don't want tell about my sexuality just yet).

Anyway, I hope all you LGBT readers have a fun Pride Month and even though I won't particularly enjoy it, June 2013 should be better.

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