22 June 2012

A Different Look

Hey guys, I have a number of things to show you in today's short video:
  1. The t-shirt from my 'Trashed With Paint' video. Since some people seemed to like seeing how the last t-shirt turned out, I decided I'd show you all how this one looked after it dried too.
  2. A superhero mask. This was a gift from TiedFeetGuy and was originally meant as part of my Nightwing costume (which I'll be posting more about in a week's time).
  3. My new haircut. This video was taken a weeks after the 'Trashed With Paint' video and a few days after I dressed up as Nightwing, which involved cutting some of that mop off my head.
  4. My garden. A few people have requested that I do public videos. I'm not up for that but I am however up for doing short videos in my garden when everybody else is asleep. Plus, the weather was really warm which helps.
Enjoy the video! Apologies for it being so short.

By the way, I look awkward in the video because I'm incredibly short-sighted and found it difficult to see the camera. Also, I really didn't want to spend too long outside in case one of my neighbours saw me.


  1. I wouldn't say you look "awkward", I'd say you look cheeky and charming. :-)

  2. Very cute indeed.