31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hey guys, I don't celebrate Halloween. Well, I suppose it's actually more accurate to say that I've never celebrated Halloween in the past.

Every October 31st, my mother would turn off all the lights in the house to make it seem like nobody was home and then told me not to come downstairs if I heard Trick-or-Treaters knocking.

Last year was a bit different because I wasn't at home. Unfortunately though I wasn't in a mood for socialising much, after coming out to my mother went so badly.

However this October 31st is going to be a bit different! I'm a little bit too old for knocking on doors and asking for candy but I have got few fun plans (of which I might post one or two pictures in the future). And since I should be having a fun time, I think you all deserve a treat as well in the form of a video!

As well as being something to post today, I filmed this video to fulfil a number of requests / suggestions that I've been wanting to do:
  • First of all, I've been meaning to get messy with something red dripping over my head like in that film which I haven't seen yet... I used some cheap pasta sauce for the video and although it was more orange than the picture below might suggest, I suppose it works with the whole colour scheme of the holiday.
  • Secondly, after I got some good feedback on my last formal WAM video (with treacle), I've wanted to film another although I didn't want to ruin a white shirt for just any video. I also wore some formal looking jeans and grabbed a knife and fork to make it somewhat resemble a restaurant scenario.
  • Third of all, I had a few requests to do more wetlook videos which is why I filmed a bit of the clean-up at the end whereas I would normally just edit that out.
  • The video also includes a bit of messy feet fun and my hair getting messed up if you like those things.
I hope you guys enjoy the video and if you have any suggestions for future videos, please let me know!



  1. Screw this....Post your vids to Youtube.
    You don't need to be on Xtube. You want donations
    but you won't show any sex or nudity. Won't bother coming back. Done waiting.

  2. Of course the above comment came from an anonymous writer. I hope we can hold whoever it is to their word of never coming back. Don;t let those that spread hate keep you from being who you are Dylann.
    I think you are doing just fine.

  3. thank you for the water at the end...keep up the good work

  4. great gunging Dylann!! And the mask works out great.