18 October 2012

Coke Covered Boxer Briefs

Hey guys, today I have a video for someone who requested that I poured a bottle of Diet Coke down and over a pair of boxer briefs he got off my wish list.

There's nothing else to really say about this video but I hope you enjoy it. It's not quite as messy as my usual WAM videos but hopefully, it's still appealing to some of you, especially if
you like a bit of wetlook, and seeing my ass and bulge in tight underwear.


Concerning my previously mentioned wish list, a number of people have asked why it's private.

This is because I don't want things to be sent to my current address (near university) without some advanced knowledge.

If you really want to get me a gift (although please don't feel like you have to), I just ask that you email me first at:

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