30 October 2012

Happy Birthday TiedFeetGuy!

Hey guys, today I am posting later than usual because (as the post title might suggest) it's TiedFeetGuy's birthday! Because he lives in America and I didn't want to give him his birthday present too early, I'm posting this at what is noon for him.

When thinking about what to do for him, I decided on a few things:

First of all, it shouldn't just be of my bare feet. This is just because I took some pictures of my feet (with emphasis on my toes) for his birthday last year.

Secondly, I decided not to do anything wet and messy. This might be because I have WAM video being posted tomorrow so look out for that...

Anyway, what I actually did for him included:
  • Kneeling on kneepads for five minutes because he likes me being submissive.
  • White smelly socks which I've been wearing for a few weeks.
  • Wearing just a pair of boxers (which I got from American Eagle during my US trip).
  • Showing off my soles instead of my toes as a change.
  • Having my ankles tied together with a few cable-ties.
I hope both he and all you other guys enjoy the video!