08 October 2012

Feet in Shower

Hey guys, today I have a video of me taking a shower.

Before you get too excited, I should point out that I kept the camera pointed down so you just see my feet and hairy legs... nothing more.

I filmed the video in America after I had just been swimming for a bit. In the video, I do move around a bit so you see all angles of my feet. So, if you like seeing my bare feet (and especially the tops of my toes which I don't show often), I hope you enjoy this video!



  1. Are you gonna post anything on Xtube that actually requires Xtube and not youtube?
    I mean so far nothing you have on xtube, warrants being there. It could all be on youtube.

    1. I've done some things that do really belong on Xtube although they're not sexually explicit (my foot worship videos for example).

      I upload most of my videos to Xtube because I have a history of problems with YouTube and due to recent complications, I'm afraid to upload anything to YouTube for a couple of months.

      Concerning explicit videos from me, I don't have any plans in the future to post public explicit videos although I might get a LOT more suggestive in future videos.

  2. Bellisimos pies.