13 October 2012

Photographs of the New Place

Hey guys, today I thought I'd share just a few photographs from my new place near university and give you some subtle teasers for videos to come.

These two pictures are of my bed. Unlike in my last place, it doesn't have a cage underneath it but it still has some metal on the corners / underneath it which I could probably be tied to... or tie somebody to.

Also, in my new place, I have my own kitchen and bathroom! This means that I can cook up some wet and messy stuff before pouring it over myself.

If you look carefully at the second picture, you may be able to work out that I've already filmed a few videos in there. As for what, you'll just have to wait and see...


  1. Ohh yes...looks like the new place will allow for more wet and messy fun. I see those black skinny jeans in the shower,,,are they drying after a nice gunging and cleanup?

    1. Quite possibly! You might want to check the blog in a couple of weeks time...