16 December 2011

Mayo with Boxers and Socks

A few days ago, I posted about Master Mark's Wishlist:


Well, soon after this, somebody was nice enough to buy him a DVD and in return, he asked that I got messy in my boxers and socks.

I was very happy with this until he said that my Master could choose the gunge... so I reluctantly asked and he decided that I had to do it with mayonnaise and ketchup and well... I think you see how much I was enjoying it.


  1. Hawt. That's the only thing to describe that. Oh and nice not so hidden boner! Loved that lol.

    Much love and always on your side,

  2. Dylann, that was a great come back gunge vid. After all these months, you did one of your best messy vids. Your hair is perfect. I liked seeing you at first fully dressed...those skinny jeans are fantastic. Of course i cant help but say something about your bulge, it was huge, which lets us all know how much you love being messy..Thx

  3. I love the hair and it needs more gunge! Like marshmallow fluff :P