12 December 2011


I'm a bit of a nerd.

I'll spare you the details as to what my areas of expertise are but something I have recently developed an interest in comic books.

I'll skip ahead and basically say that I'm considering going to an expo / convention in May dressed as Nightwing. Your thoughts?


  1. Personally...I think you would look HOT AS HELL!!
    That is the perfect outfit for you and your frame. The mask will be a perfect for you, since you like to keep your identity hidden like a true super hero does..
    Do it and you will have all the other gay boys (and men) drooling all over them selves... ;)~

  2. sampepper said it all ;)

  3. Exactly what sampepper said!!!!

  4. What's been said above is pretty darn accurate. Just wondered is the expo you mentioned is it the London MCM expo at the ExCel centre?

    If so just saying (hopefully in a way that doesnt sound too stalker-ish) I might see ya their. Ive allmost finished my costume of Kite from .hack