31 December 2011

Washing My Hair

This was an odd request...

I know a few of you like to see my hair, especially when it's messy but when Andy, the same guy who requested my Messy Hair video, said that he'd like to see me washing my hair, I was happy to oblige.

For the rest of you, please let me know if you like this sort of thing. I'm not massively keen on doing videos like this but if you want to see more, please let me know.


  1. Hey, half the fun is scrubing a messy/painted guy pink again!

  2. Me gusta en general todo lo que haces. Pero lo que me sube es pies y piernas.

  3. I adore is you video can you make them to me even. I look at them on YouTube also, kisses(tripboxer@laposte.net)