07 December 2011

Guest Writer - Gunge House

Today, I have something very different for all you dear readers. Recently, I started chatting with another British guy who is also into WAM.

He told me that he'd written a few short stories in the past and he sent me one of them which I felt like I just had to share with you all, not at all because I'm running out of stuff to post. So, the following story is not mine (although I did volunteer to illustrate it a bit).

If you enjoy it, please leave a nice comment and  I'll make sure the writer gets to hear your compliments. Also, if you have your own stories that you'd to share, feel free to let me know or e-mail me at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk For now though, I'll let you just enjoy reading "Gunge House".

Dave had applied for a new TV show called Gunge House.

Dave always wanted to be gunged but he was a quiet and shy guy. He didn’t know how to win it but once he saw that the top prize was 10 grand, he decided to go on.

The day of recording he went to the studio. Immediately he was told that he would stay clean provided he wasn't incompetent or foolish. Since Dave had good general knowledge, he felt confident.

The show started and the first game involved four contestants: Jack, Steve, Charlie and Dave. Each round someone would get gunged. The person who received the most gungings would be punished at the end. The person with the least gungings would win the 10k.

HOST: Let's start the show with Round 1.
All four contestants were sat on chairs in tanks.
The host announced that this is a simple jigsaw puzzle.
50 pieces, above each contestant's head is a tank full of red natrasol.
Last to finish will be covered.

Dave wasn’t very good at jigsaws, he was barely halfway through when he could see that two others had already finished. The last two left were Dave and Jack. Dave was looking for where this one piece went when at that moment, the alarm sounded.

HOST: UH-OH DAVE! You should know what that noise means...

Dave looked up, Jack must have finished and the giant chute of gunge opened over his head. Red natrasol covered his body and the host announced another twist.

HOST: Dave, as loser of this game you must remove an item of clothing.

Dave took off his t-shirt showing his pecs to the watching crowd, he was a little nervous and he certainly didn’t want to show his boxers on TV.

HOST: Time for Round 2, for this game, you'll be in teams.
Teams will be Jack and Dave; Charlie and Steve.
In this game, one person is attached to an electric buzz wire.
They have to move the hoop along the wire without touching it.
Each time they touch it their teammate in the tank gets filled with gunge.
First team to fill their tank loses.
Jack and Charlie on wire; Steve and Dave in the tanks please.
Okay, ready, go!

Almost immediately Dave felt the first hit of gunge pour into his tank. He notices the tank had five notches and each time Jack buzzed the wire gunge went up to the next notch. At the fifth he would be fully submerged.


Jack hit the wire again and the gunge was now 2 notches up by Dave's knees. Meanwhile Steve has just taken his first gunging as Charlie hit the wire.

But then BUZZ

Jack had done it again and the gunge was now pouring into Dave's tank. It was a thicker version of green natrasol. Probably thickened with cornflour or something. Dave started to panic about losing an item of clothing.

BUZZ Uh oh... Jack had hit his fourth wire

Dave and Jack, one more touch and Dave is submerged and you both lose clothes. Dave was in trouble, the gunge was now just below his neck and was glooping around his naked body.

BUZZ Oooh. Steve and Charlie now onto their 4th notch as well.

"Both teams are in trouble" said the host.

But then Dave heard the noise he least wanted to hear in the whole world.

BUZZ Jack had hit the wire again.

Dave took a deep breath and was totally covered in gunge and submerged. Jack was pied in the face for losing the game as part of the team and Dave was let out of the tank.

HOST: Unlucky boys but you know what that means.

Dave had to remove his jeans and revealed his tight fitting Aussiebum boxers to the TV audience; Jack removed his shirt.

The scores so far are Charlie and Steve are winning with 0, Jack has 1 and Dave is heading for trouble with 2 gungings.

It was time for Round 3. The contestants were taken away to get changed and Dave was allowed to clean up a bit. They were dressed up for a kids party, but wearing party hats with big pins on the top of them

HOST: Welcome to Round 3, this game is called Pinhead. It’s a simple general knowledge quiz. You all sit on chairs and answer questions. Get it right and you can move your opponent up one notch, get it wrong and you move up a notch. Hanging above your hats is a giant balloon filled with rotten eggs and flour. In this game only one person stays clean. You each have 3 lives before you pop the balloon.

Dave looked worried, although he felt that his knowledge was good, he knew the others would pick on him to avoid the final gunging themselves.

HOST: Players take your seats. Steve, you will answer first.

Steve and Charlie both got their first questions wrong but then Jack got one right and moved Charlie up a notch. It was Dave's turn.

HOST: Dave, what's the capital of Hungary?

He'd always mixed these up. It was either Budapest or Bucharest.

"Bucharest" Dave said confidently.

HOST: Ooh close, but wrong. It's Budapest.

So after one question each, Charlie has 1 life left, Dave and Steve 2 lives and Jack all 3 lives.

In the second round, Charlie got his question wrong and was eliminated covered in the rotten eggs and flour. Dave could smell it and knew he was naked if he lost this; he would have to remove those tight Aussiebum boxers.

The next question went to Steve who got his wrong as well and went down to 1 life. Jack was clearly a smart guy, he answered a really tough question right and chose to eliminate Steve from the game.

Steve was covered in the horrible glop and trudged off-stage leaving just Jack and Dave.

HOST: Here’s your question Dave, how many sides does a dodecahedron have?

DAVE: No idea

HOST: Oh dear Dave, you have 1 life left now and Jack can finish you off here.

The host turned to Jack. "Jack, what is the capital of the Czech Republic?"

JACK: Sorry Dave, I've just been there. It's Prague.

HOST: Correct, and we know what that means Dave...

Dave could feel himself being moved towards the balloon, his party hat ready to burst the sickly rotten eggs and flour.


It covered him, it smelt horrible but felt quite good. The host called back the other two contestants.

HOST: You know the rules, bye bye clothes. And Dave, I'm afraid it's even worse for you, you’ve gotta lose those Aussiebums.

Dave's face went bright red as his messy crotch was exposed to the nation, his cock was impressive and throbbing but everyone was still laughing at him.

HOST: So after 3 rounds Jack, Charlie and Steve are tied for the lead with 1 gunging each and only losing a t-shirt whereas Dave is in big trouble with 3 gungings and is now naked. We have 1 round to go before the finale so I guess Dave, you need to start winning.

Round 4…

HOST: Welcome to Round 4, this is another team round. This time Jack and Charlie on one team, Steve and Dave the other. Dave, I need not remind you that you are already naked and any future losses will lead to a special forfeit instead of losing clothes.
This game is called 'Prince and Princess', the good news Dave is you will get some clothes for this round. Dave and Jack will be Princesses locked away in the Gunge Tower. Steve and Charlie, you are dressed as Princes, you have to go through the obstacle course to the Splat Vat, filled with gunge to find 3 keys to release your Princess from her tower. Each key will release a trickle of gunge into the other Princess' tank.
However the last Princess to be released is in trouble, as the mean King will throw out his slops down the chute above your heads.
Okay, Jack and Dave might I say you look lovely in those pink knickers and bras.
Ready, go!

Charlie got off to a great start and led Steve through the early obstacles, gunge was flying at them both from everywhere. They reached the Splat Vat at the same time and starting sifting through for keys.

HOST: I forgot to tell you that some keys might not work.

Steve found a key and took it to Dave's door, he tried the three locks but it didn’t work. Meanwhile Charlie had found a key too, he put it in and turned; success and a trickle of cold wet green slime went down Dave's bra.

Steve then found another key and placed it in Dave's lock, it worked and Jack got a trickle of gunge landing on his head. All of a sudden they both found another key each and it was 2-2 with Jack and Dave being subjected to more princess gunge.

It was neck and neck as they plunged into the Splat Vat, they both came out with keys but Steve reached Dave's tank first, he tried the key…..

It wouldn't open! Charlie got to Jack and turned the key, Jack was free.

HOST: Oh no Dave, it just isn’t your day, bad luck Steve, I thought you two had it then but Steve you lose an item of clothing and Dave we will have a special forfeit for you.

The host pushed a button and a voice bellowed “How dare you try and release more daughter, release the slops!”

Dave was covered in foul-smelling food waste, it looked like custard and mushy peas mainly.

HOST: Okay Dave now for your forfeit. You are going to be strapped into a pillory and pelted with pies by the other contestants for two minutes.

2 minutes went by and Dave felt the cream in his naked crotch, he quite liked it.

HOST: OK so Jack leads alongside Charlie with 1 each, Steve has 2 and Dave has 4. Dave, you are destined for the gunge in the end game but you can try to regain some pride in Round 5.

HOST: Okay so Dave you have lost tonight’s show and Jack you are tonight's winner. Would you both please join me for Round 5: the final round of tonight's show.

The curtain pulled away to reveal two stools, a giant deck of cards and several buckets filled with messy stuff.

HOST: Jack, you thought you would simply walk away with 10k and gunge Dave but it's not that easy. The final game could mean that Dave takes some of the money away. However Dave is in the weaker position. You will both put on the same amount of clothes and Dave will start blindfolded. Jack you will hold up a card from the deck, Dave has to guess the suit if he gets it right you swap places, get it wrong and Dave loses an item of clothing and gets gunged. Jack, Dave takes £500 of your 10k for every item of clothing he takes off you. The loser will be the first one naked, they will receive tonight's mega-gunging

Dave was delighted at the chance to get revenge on Jack. They both slipped into their costumes, Aussiebum boxers, tight white t-shirts and swimming shorts.

HOST: Okay Jack, blindfold Dave and hold up the first card.

Jack placed the blindfold over Dave's face and whispered in his ear. “You're gonna get messy and I'm gonna give you a boner.” Dave simply smiled from behind his blindfold. Jack held up a Heart.

DAVE: I'm gonna guess it’s a Diamond.

HOST: Oh close Dave but I'm afraid Jack gets to remove your white t-shirt.

Jack took delight in removing Dave's tight top, he then grabbed two pies and caressed them into Dave's nipples one each side. He then noticed the boner Dave was getting and whispered “The whole audience is gonna see your cock.”

HOST: New card and second guess please Dave. Jack held up a club.

DAVE: Heart

HOST: Ooh close but wrong, Jack, your 10k remains intact and Dave, your shorts must go.

Jack took down Dave's shorts and grabbed a bucket of custard before slowly pulling open Dave's Aussiebums and pouring it in. Dave's cock began to throb and noticeably bulge.

Dave lost again and became totally naked with Jack whipping down his Aussiebums and supplying a lovely cream pie to his now dripping cock.

HOST: Dave, you are one away from the mega-gunging, can you steal any of Jack money? Next guess please.

Dave didn’t mind because he was enjoying himself but Jack clearly didn’t want to lose any money or clothes so Dave was keen to get it right. Jack held up a Spade.

DAVE: Spade

HOST: Correct, Dave you’ve stolen £500 from Jack and better news still, you get to put Jack in the hotseat with the blindfold for some revenge.

JACK: Oh no, I don’t believe it.

Jack knew he was in trouble. He too had been hiding a bulge and Dave instantly saw his chance to expose Jack.

HOST: Guess #1 Jack, and I don’t need to remind you that if you're wrong Dave gets revenge and another £500 of your 10k.

Dave held up a Club

JACK: Spade

HOST: Ooh so close but finally Dave your luck is in. Remove Jack' top and gunge him.

Dave delighted in taking off Jack' t-shirt, picking up the bucket of custard and pouring it over Jack before whispering. “I'm gonna expose you as well loser.”

HOST: Guess #2 Jack and need I remind you the shorts are gone if you get this wrong. Dave held up a Diamond.

JACK: Heart

HOST: No good Jack, Dave's now stolen £1500 and your shorts are gone.

Dave jumped for joy, he gleefully removed the shorts and grabbed more custard and a pie, he pied Jack' body before pulling open the Aussiebums and pouring the custard down.

HOST: Guess #3 Jack, will you get naked?

Dave held up a Heart.

JACK: Diamond?

HOST: Wrong and Dave you have now won 2k of Jack 10k. Plus you get to strip him naked.

Dave was so delighted, he shouted “expose the bulge” he pulled down the Aussiebums and pied the hell out of Jack' crotch.

HOST: OK, it’s all or nothing. If Jack guesses right, Dave gets mega-gunged in Part 6, if not Jack gets it
Dave held up a spade but actually secretly wanted the mega-gunging.

JACK: Spade

HOST: Correct, which means Jack you have won £8000 and the right to put Dave through the mega-gunging. Dave, you stole £2000 but unfortunately it’s you who will take the trip of doom around the splat vats, totally butt naked and with your clearly throbbing bulge.

Join us for the mega-gunging right after this break.

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  1. The contestants weren't the only ones with a throbbing bulge...great story....