17 December 2011

Other Commitments and the Music of Hans Zimmer

Hey guys,

I'm just writing this post to let you know that I'm quite busy with a few things (university work, cleaning, packing, etc.) As a result, the current plan is that I won't be blogging until I'm back home after the 23rd.

In the mean time, I might respond to your comments / messages / e-mails but if I don't, I apologise. I will definitely get round to them before Xmas.

I will however be filming at least 2 videos (one messy, one with socks) that I promised earlier on but again, don't necessarily expect me to post them for at least a week. In fact... I think that with Xmas coming up, the messy one can be a bit of a present.

Now, I'd like to point out that I do have plenty of time to blog and respond to your messages but the main reason why I'm not doing it is because I don't want to get distracted by one thing... and then another... and another and so on until I've wasted a few hours doing nothing productive.

In the mean time, I know it's not great fun but here's a playlist of music that I'll be working to over these next few days:

Yeah, it's a bit of a nerdy playlist with music from Inception, Batman Begins and The Social Network but soundtracks are a good way to block out the silence and by having no words, I'm not tempted to sing along.

I hope you enjoy it whilst I've got nothing better for you guys but I promise, I will start posting some really good stuff once again!

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  1. His music is a BLAST to play. I'm a music ed majour ;D

    Much love and always on your side,