25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

...or Happy Holidays if you prefer that but I'm an atheist so you have a great Sol Invictus too, why not?

Anyway, seeing as it is the season for giving, I've got a couple of videos for you all. Firstly, a messy video with one (rather large) tin of rice pudding. This video is for quite a few people but thanks first of all to 'sampepper' for those boxers. Also, massive thanks to 'figmais2'! He came up with the idea to do this in the first place and was nice enough to get the rice pudding too.

I hope you enjoy the video!

P.S. A video featuring socks / feet will be up tomorrow, on Boxing Day. It will be made public on YouTube shortly after... with hope that it doesn't get me banned.


  1. Thanks for the hot vid buddy...next time I will be sure to buy you WHITE boxers so when you get them wet and mess we can see through them and see that fat cock of yours that you have managed to keep hidden for so long...lol

    Can't wait to see tomorrows vid..

    Be good and happy holidays

  2. Aahh the dreaded did I block the plughole!

  3. The rice pudding went down the plughole after a minute. What was harder was making sure I got absolutely all of it down the plughole.