09 December 2011

Please humiliate me...

You guys remember Master Mark, right?

He's responsible for all of these posts:

Yeah, he's really nice... to you guys. He's a sadistic Master that likes seeing his pathetic little puppy utterly humiliated. Normally, I don't mind because he's not actually being that cruel as you may be able to tell by the large bulge in my shorts / boxers. But that might change...

Recently, I may have agreed to a rather stupid deal.

Master Mark has a Wish List here: 
For every £10 that is spent on gifts, I have to do a humiliating task, on camera, that I genuinely won't enjoy.

Also, the number of tasks will be based on individual gifts and also rounded up. So, for example, a gift that is worth £7.99 will result in one humiliating task for me. A gift worth £54.99 will be worth six humiliating tasks and so on.

Furthermore, if you e-mail me at restwalk@hotmail.co.uk after buying something, you can suggest what these tasks might be. I would have to confirm the task with my Master though and so he might change it a bit (you have been warned). What I do know is that I'm not doing anything public, anything with negative effects that last for more than 24 hours and anything that could be really harmful.

If you don't e-mail me then Master Mark has said that he'll draw inspiration from the comments that some of you have been posting here.

So... I urge you, please buy Master Mark a gift. That way you can thank him for everything he's done and also make me do something more humiliating than licking the soles of his shoes, crawling about like a puppy or eating dog food.

1 comment:

  1. This will be interesting. Sounds like you're looking forward to it ;) But then again, we all know you love it. Looking forward to seeing the footage. I'll see if its in the books to spot a gift or so...

    Much love and always on your side,