14 December 2011

Guest Writer - The Winter Warmer Part 1

So, very recently after I posted the guest-written story of Gunge House, I got speaking to a guy that likes to write a lot of stories and I must say that he has quite the imagination. He improvised the following story and I helped him tidy it up afterwards.

It's not for everyone but I think that a lot of you will like it; especially if you're into WAM, bondage, domination, etc. I'll say this now... this is only Part 1. It'll be concluded at a later date but I think that this is quite the beginning.

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One winter I had to work in a sports workshop.

I met a young guy there. I noticed that he wore a pair of worn out tracksuit bottoms but he still had a distinct emo look. He always smelled like a gym changing room which made me think that he came straight from training. Although he did look a bit moody, he was always in a good mood.

At the end of the tiresome workshop, he walked over to me, smiled and out of nowhere, asked if I wanted a drink. I said "Yea", I mean, why not?

That evening we went out to a bar. He'd brought his gym bag along with him. I must admit that the smell of sweat coming from it made me horny.

Whilst I was drinking my beer, he said that he wanted to play. I wasn't sure what he meant but I saw that he had a smirk on his face so I went along with it. When we stood up, I accidentally knocked my beer over and got it over him. He told me that I was going to pay for that later and walked out the door, I quickly followed him.

Back at his place, he unlocked the door and led the way inside. When he shut the door behind me, I was nervous and excited. I'd never been with a guy that I'd felt so attracted to before. He saw that I was a bit anxious, walked over, pulled me towards him and kissed me. I felt the blood rush to my head, I blushed intensely. We were going to play...

I think he realised that I admired his gear so he told me to get changed. Whilst I did, he took off his red trackie top, t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. All he was wearing now was a jockstrap, he told me to put them on.

I begin to put on his gear, still wet from the beer and smelling of sweat. He just stood there, practically naked in front of me. Soon, he thought that I was taking too long to get changed so he helped to get it on.

It was then that he noticed his gym bag, slightly open with something unusual inside. He caught me looking and told me to go ahead. I crouched down and fully opened the bag to find some leather restraints in the bag on top of some clothes. Immediately, I decided to tie him up so that he can't go anywhere. I use the opportunity to kiss him again and feel his smooth body.

Then I notice something shiny in the gym bag amongst the clothes. I move them aside to see a few a tins of squirty cream. I look up at him and smile whilst I see that he has a cheeky grin on his face. I stand up , shaking one of the tins before squirting it all over him. Without caution, I just take the plunge and lick it off. It feels weird because I've never done it before but I still enjoy it. Whilst I'm licking, I accidentally get some on my face. When I stand up straight again, he licks it off and tells me to look in the bag again.

In there, I find some maple syrup and hair gel which I hold up to him. He nods and smirks to me so I pour the maple syrup into his hair and use it to style it like a footballer would. I then spit into the hair gel, mix it in and drop a large dollop of it into his jock before rubbing it in from the outside. From the large bulge in there, I can tell that he's enjoying it.

Whilst rubbing his cock, I suddenly realise that he's managed to undo his restraints but he doesn't go anywhere still. Instead, he uses his free hand to rub my cock. This takes me by surprise because I never thought I'd be getting this intimate with someone I'd just met. Still though, I am extremely aroused to see my cock someone else's hands. I let him continue although it feels like I could cum at any second.

He suddenly grabs a trackie top out of the gym bag, puts it on and zips it up. "It's your turn now, mate" he says. He pushed me into another room where I saw stocks. He promptly orders me to get undressed before forcing me to bend over so that he can lock me in them.

He walks behind me so that I can't see what he's doing. Without any warning, I felt him lick from my neck and all the way down to my back. Then he walks back around to the front so that I could see he was rock hard.

He leans over and spat on my hair before taking off his jock and jerking off slowly. Then he uses the hair gel that I had spat into and rubs it into my hair. It feels disgusting but I'm unable to move.

After seeing me try to move, he unlocks the stocks orders me to kneel. He uses a pair of leather cuffs and ties my hands behind my back. He also puts a collar on me before leaving me there.

He soon returns holding two buckets; the sight of them gets me nervous but excited again. He puts one of them down on the floor before holding the other one over my head and pouring cold and thick muddy sludge, taken from a field. The smell of grass and sweat gets me feeling even more horny. As he picks up the second bucket and pours it, I'm eager to cum. As he sees me move my hand towards my stiff cock, he says that we're not done yet.

He throws the second bucket down and starts putting on another pair of tracksuit bottoms. Just as I've got the mud out of my eyes, he pushes me onto my back and pins me down by sitting my face. Not caring, the smell and moistness of the sweat keeps me feeling horny. Unable to move, I eventually get used to the smell.

Then, he decides to lean over and start lick my feet. I feel him put one toe at a time inside his mouth whilst I'm still unable to move. By now, the heat of the room has caused most of the mud to dry though my feet feel warm and slimy from his spit.

Finally, he gets up and jumps onto his bed before inviting me to join him. I lie next to him so that he can wrap his arm around me. I fall asleep, still dirty and able to smell his sweat, wondering what the rest of the weekend would bring.

To be continued...

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