08 December 2011

On Coming Out - Part 6

Let me just start by saying that the content of this post is a few weeks old but I've been too busy with uni work to just sit down and focus on writing it.

Since last time, quite a lot has happened so I'll skip the details.

One day, I was at an ATM when I found out that my non-food money ran out (don't worry about me, I can still survive!) I thought that the logical thing to do would be to e-mail my mother (because my phone broke since we spoke).

Immediately, she booked a train ticket to my university without really asking me. I was extremely angry for her being so stubborn and not understanding the phrase "I need more time." which I had repeated to her again and again.

Nevertheless, when the day of her arrival came, I did meet up with her and well... basically... things are not as bad.

We previously agreed not to mention the subject of my sexuality but after seeing how calm she was, I did bring it up and she was reassuring.

She's still a bit ignorant and wants to make sure that I'm sure of my sexuality before I do anything regrettable as if it might be a phase. But generally, she just wants to make that I'm not forced into doing anything I don't want to. (I suppose it's a great thing she doesn't know about this blog.)

Overall though, she basically reassured that although I'm very likely to face some obstacles such as my somewhat homophobic family, it's going to get better.

Oh and she also gave me a bit of money which I've mostly spent on pasta and sauce although my student loan is finally coming through in a few days time. This and the fact that I suddenly have some free time now that one of my modules / classes is finished... I should be able to do some filming again.

Thanks everybody for being so supportive but I think it's time to have something fun on here again!


  1. That is awesome...I am so glad to hear that she is starting to face reality and is making an effort to understand (in her own way) and seems to be starting on the path to acceptance..

    Congratulations...you are a very brave young man and she should be very proud of you for standing up for yourself against all the adversity that is out there, and you should also be very proud of yourself for being brave enough to do it.

    Much Love...

  2. Thanks a lot Sam. The things she is ignorant about... I think that she just needs to do a little bit of research.

    At least they're not major reasons to hate me. Again, I'm feeling really optimistic but let's focus on the future!

  3. It does get better. It DOES. It just takes time. People have to learn that just because you like cock instead of vagina, is there really a huge difference? Still the same person. She'll come around. Eventually, she will release that she did give birth to you lol.

    Much love and always on your side,