29 October 2011

Please leave a comment on this post!

Apparently... a few of you have been inspired by what me and Mark got up to. As a result, I'm going to give you  all the option of telling Mark your wonderful ideas.

So then, very simply, if you have any ideas that you want to give to Mark (for things he should do to me) just comment on this post.

We both agreed that this is the best way to contact him without me knowing the suggestions:

  • I can let him know that there are suggestions for him to read.
  • He's likely to check them as a result.
  • It means he doesn't have to make his e-mail address public
  • ...and so on
So, please, tell Mark your most evil ideas by commenting on this post. I won't judge you, I won't be reading them. If we meet up again, he might even make some of them a reality.


  1. pee on his face Or glue a OLD SHOK TO HIM FACE and ceam it on ALL DAY

  2. cum on his toes and then make him lick it off

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Proper slaves are not allowed to have hair, only masters. Since Dylann is your slave all his hair should be completely removed from his legs, ass, cock and balls. Then for his final humiliation, shave his head

  5. The thing my master has been using on me (after he shaved me) was hot wax. It only stings for a bit, but strategically placed it is very effect. It should start on the nipples, down the stomach, to the base of the cock (were the hair used to be), then the balls (they should be in tied up tight), the cock head, the thighs, then the tops of the feet, the tops of the hands.

  6. This is Master Robin, Sampepper is my Slave, here is some thing that I require him do each visit...public humiliation. Since Dylann are new at university, I know you don't want to go outside your room and let anyone else see anything, so it should be in a way that you know, but others are not sure about. I always make him drink my piss (I know Dylann probably is not this advanced yet) but I also completely cover him in my piss (especially his head) and make his get dressed while he is still wet so the smell soaks into his cloths and make him wear them home. Sometimes I will take him to Starbucks for coffee before we separate and just hang out for an hour or so, then when I am tired of smelling him, send him on his way. He is not allowed to shower again until he has to get ready for work. That could be the next day, or it could be two days from then it all depends, but he must wear my smell with pride and respect...

  7. i think he needs some dog training, tie him as you did last time so he walks on 4 and give him some orders as throw your socks away and make him brign them in the mouth as a good dog, lick your feet

    you could also make him sneak to your socks, naked or only in undies he should lay on his stomach on the floor, tie his hands behind his back so he cant use them and make him crawl to your socks and then all way back to you and you can make ofc lot of improvemnts to that, like spit on him and harden his way to sock by putting your feets on his back etc

  8. What you should do is make him give oral to a bottle of mayonase and you should treat it like its your cock. What i mean is you should hold it in front of your boxers and rub it while its in his face blindfolded and tied up so he cant move. After making him give it oral you should squeeze it in his mouth and face so that its like a really good facial but not good for him. I think this will be a very fun video to watch. Thank you. Please allow my english.

  9. Some things this bad puppy really needed:
    - Pee in his shoe and let him drink it.
    - Let him pee in his skinny jeans and send him to bed without changing.
    - Let him write "i'm a filthy useless puppy" on his chest by himself with a permanent marker.
    - Give the puppy a massive gunge while it is in the caged box. (ketchup, soy sauce, rotten yoghurt, eggs, a.o.)
    - Throw up on the puppy while it is in the caged box.
    - Let the puppy sit right up with his spread open mouth and spit on him, a lot. Empty a bottle of (red coloured) oil in his maw so it drips all over his chin and chest into his boxers and end with flour.
    - Again send him to bed all gunged without changing.

  10. get him dressed in his best clothes and gunge him in food

  11. gunge him really bad in is best clothes need to get something going where we can pick the smart clothes and gunge what about a christmas gungeing

  12. get him to wear the largest pants he owns. Then get loads for slime and food, i.e. eggs treacle ect. pout these down his pants until they are full. Then make him stay in them for the rest of the day. If he fails he must walk around naked for the rest of the time.


  14. i saw that his bed has metal bars on it so i'd like you to tie him down spread eagle on his back, blindfold him and gag him, and cover him in chocolate sauce and whipped cream like in this video.
    that would be hot to see, thank you.

  15. cover your entire groin wih paint - not your dick

    then facefuck him and let us see the result

  16. hi pal saw your post hope your allright

    my idea is this
    you are tied to chair with hands behind back
    friend then pies your feet with foods
    friend tips buckets of those fods over your head if you cant guess what they are

  17. I know this is gross but I still think this would be a good Video
    Really make him lie on his Back as in the other Video with Feet but cover your Butt in Slime and sit on his Face
    Thank You