05 September 2011

Dom Week 1 - Underwear Tease

Alright slaves, today's task is very simple. I just want you to just this video whilst your hands stay far away from your own pants. I'm curious as to how many of you were actually pathetic enough to get aroused by this video so please... let me know.

I suppose I should thank one of you slaves in particular. "sampepper" was nice enough to buy me the very well-fitting underwear you see in the video.

Finally, I don't want to hear any complaints about this video. This is only the start! I've got a few more things planned for you lot.


  1. Thank you Master Dylann

    I did as you commanded but it was very difficult. If the video had been 1 minute longer I would have failed to follow your orders like the pathetic slave I am becoming

  2. Thank you master for teasing with your hot feet body and undies. A difficult task but managed to keep hands away - except for a little wet spot on the undies... I'll try better next time.

  3. I'm afraid I didnt manage to keep myself from getting aroused... So Sorry master