30 September 2011

"Body Painting" Outtake

In the middle of September, I asked you guys to vote on a poll. Well, that poll is closed now and apparently you guys want to see me clean paint off my bath, skin and hair.

I suppose I can't deny you guys if that's what you really want. I'll say that there's a reason I didn't upload this in the first place and that reason is that watching me clean up is boring! Well, in my opinion anyway. I'll let you decide:

Leave a comment if you think it's worth uploading the clean-up videos for "Emo Guy Gunged" and "Playing With Pies". I won't do it if nobody wants me to.


  1. Hey, i would really love to see you cleaning after "playing with pies". I personally think its much more fun to clean after pies then colors and also way much more easier.

  2. Nothing you do is boring! Enjoyed watching you perform a task covered with paint. Thinking of the pleasure of removing the paint off your flesh with a high preasure water hose & scurbing your flesh pink, just to paint you all over again! Bring on the pies, yes please play the pie video