24 September 2011

Gifts In General

Okay, first of all, I'm not begging or really hoping for that much of a response from you guys but...

My Wish List is online again!

Everything on my Wish List now is something that I want for myself as opposed to something that I want to make a video with. So, if somebody does get me something on there, I will be very grateful.

Also, just because I can't make a video with the specific gifts doesn't mean that I won't make several custom videos for you. If somebody is willing to use their own money to get me something then making videos for them is the least I could do.

On a related note, some people have got me gifts which you've seen in videos... although I haven't thanked these people properly. To them, I'm sorry guys! I'll be posting about you soon enough.

On another related note, Master Mark is in the process of creating a Wish List for me with things that I don't want, but that he wants me to have. More information about that later.

If you're buying me something, use the cheapest delivery option. Our postal system is quite fast and I don't mind if I don't get any presents for a while. The presents I've already received have been incredibly useful and enabled me to produce some much better content.

Again, don't feel like you must get me a present if you really don't want to or can't. I'll still be making content for you guys whether I get gifts from you guys or not. Of course, a little something extra from you guys is nice though.

Finally, if you are going to get me something, I would really appreciate it if you e-mailed or messaged me beforehand. Being surprised would be nice but I did come up with the Wish List so I won't be that shocked by anything I get.

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