25 September 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 01/12

I met Mark outside a supermarket. We went inside and he bought some stuff that you'll see later.

After that, we went back to my place where I got undressed into my underwear and he made me wear a dog collar as well as wrist and ankle restraints.

Using some rope and padlocks, he made it so that I had to crawl around my elbows and knees like a puppy.

Whilst I was like this, I had to lick the soles of his filthy Vans. After that, he promptly took his Vans off and to reveal his sweaty socks that he'd been wearing for 3 weeks.

I licked the top of his feet briefly before rolling onto my back and letting him use my face as a foot-rest.

After that, he stood up and really pushed the soles of his socks into my face. He ordered me to stick out my tongue so that I could taste them. I assure you that they were pretty rank by the time we met.

He gagged and teased me by letting me try to take his socks off. It was incredibly hard since I couldn't bite down on them. Eventually, I managed to get back onto my front and use my mouth to get them off. He generously let me continue to clean them.

Enjoying this, he made me keep my nose in one of his stinky Vans. I licked the insoles even though he didn't ask me too.

After that, he forced me to lie on my back and close my eyes. I opened my mouth, awaiting his bare toes to be forced inside when... he squirted ketchup with added chilli onto my tongue! It was vile, he told me swallow it but I couldn't. Thankfully, he let me spit it out into my dog bowl. He also used one of his socks to wipe the drool and ketchup off my lips.

Finally, he thought that I'd done enough to earn his bare feet so he put his dirty soles over my face which I was very grateful for. I couldn't help but start licking them as much as I could.

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  1. fucking hot Dylann...I can't wait til Master Robin sees this.. I am sending him the link right now...