01 September 2011

Messy Puppy Punishment for TiedFeetGuy

I really don't learn...

For disobeying TiedFeetGuy during the Peg Task, I had to do something that was incredibly humiliating and nasty because of all the things that I had to do:

  • Write "TFG" on myself
  • Wear my puppy outfit of briefs and a dog collar
  • Attach the end of the collar to something
  • Dunk my head into the dog bowl full of lumpy custard and ketchup
  • Get a pair of ankle socks out of the gunk using only my face
  • Toss them aside so I could go and fetch them
  • Wring out the vile-tasting socks with my mouth
  • Sit in the messy dog bowl
  • Pour the remaining ketchup and custard down the back of my briefs
  • Spank my ass 20 times
  • Thank TFG and apologise for disobeying

It was certainly an intense punishment that I don't really want to endure again. Especially since I had to do the whole thing with my face dripping with the extremely strong-smelling ketchup.


  1. a wonderful and very cute session!!!!

  2. The sock eating thing was so disgusting :P You are such a hot puppy.
    But you really don't learn! Why did you wear goggles? You have to be punished for that.

  3. I think you enjoy your punishments - zanev

  4. Bet you can't resist playing in the mess afterwards like a horny little pup needing relief

  5. Hot boy. Beautiful body. But the white crap on ur face is a turn off. And would b better if u lost the underwear....

  6. Thanks for the suggestion but I'm trying to remain anonymous here...

    Also I like the fact that you don't know what my cock looks like. It means I can be a tease...

  7. I would do this for you..