28 September 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 02/12

After licking his feet clean, he made me get on all fours before he put his foot on my back. I heard him take the lid off a Sharpie. He traced around his foot and then spent some time writing something else which I couldn't see.

Only after reviewing the pictures did I realise that he wrote "MASTER MARK'S FOOTPUP" which I suppose isn't that bad...

Enjoying the camera, he decided to take more pictures of me being a puppy. He even put a chew toy in my mouth even though I had no idea where it had been.

After that, he put me in the cramped cage under my bed before taking a picture and putting the mattress over me to block out the light.


  1. Excellent! How much time in your cage?

  2. Thought Freshers' week was about going out and meeting new people at uni - you could be doing that at a Heathrow Travelodge :)

  3. dude you rock..I know you had a blast. All you need now to is loss the shorts and get a puppy tall but plug and your outfit would be perfect...

    Sexy feet along with your hot ass..good doggie..

  4. Thanks for the reply. So you do well in confinded spaces? You have endured longer stays in your cramped cage? A couple of my fav pics, so far.

  5. OMG, you horney doggie, those pics are incredable. You, as in your cramped cage, look so inviting to dunk a bucket of porridge over you and other more filthy raunchy stuff...

  6. I stayed in that cage for a bit longer, I can't tell you how long exactly but it felt like a while.

    More pictures of me in the cage will be coming soon, don't worry.

  7. Yes definitely a good gunge cage (line it with plastic first though. Then you can be taken out and be a true sub

  8. hehe be patient guys :P

    From Theteenfootdude akak Master Mark