16 September 2011

Hello University Part 2 - Pictures!

Firstly, sorry about posting a little late. Yesterday's post was a bit wordy so here are some pictures of my room so you can get an idea of what's currently happening and what you can expect.

My room! No, I've not fully unpacked yet.
My stuff... the taped up boxes contain the things that I've filmed with.
Under-bed storage, just large enough for me to fit inside.
A nice office chair with legs and arms that I can wrap duct tape around.
Pipe on my ceiling, just with a gap large enough to tie rope around.
My bathroom, it's shared and it's a bit small so I may not get that messy.


  1. Shame there's no big bath of your own! You can always get some plastic sheeting and set up with a paddling pool in your room. Good luck with your messy preparations!

  2. why is the sink over the tub? is that common in the UK? here in the usa we have the sink seperate.

  3. Not just that, but I'm standing slightly behind the toilet to take this picture.

    It's a VERY small bathroom. Not all bathrooms are like this in the UK.

  4. prision cells are bigger. is it a tub you can try to lay down in? or standing only? -zanev