04 September 2011

Dominant Week!

Alright slaves, listen up!

I think I've been a bit too submissive for a bit too long. So... starting from tomorrow, I'm going to be dominant for 5 days.

Some of these videos will be for some particularly pathetic little slaves. Others will uploaded just because I feel like it.

I bet a number of you readers are salivating with this news and can't wait to see my feet again. If you want to see those videos today, TOUGH! I'm the Master, I control when you see them so don't you dare ask me to post them early.

In the mean time, you'll just have to make do with this:


  1. Well, PAVLOV the messy-puppy with the sexy chain and cute wimper. The submissive stuff will make thee a much more skilled & sadistic and very dominate MASTER. IT is how thee learns!

  2. Thank you Master Dylann

    I would have loved the privilege to lick your feet clean...