06 September 2011

Dom Week 2 - Getting Messy

Well slaves, I'm sorry for posting this a little bit later than usual but I hope having a video in this post makes up for it.

The great thing about dominating you means that I'm in control and when I'm in control, I do what I want. What I want to do is get messy but I still feel obliged to involve you lot.

I personally think this is a good compromise... what about you lot?


  1. you forgot the vid :P

  2. Not to sound like a bitchy ass slave, but you forgot the video master. - Zanev

  3. Master RestWalker:
    NO need for the submissive sorry!
    Two above average vids, for a part-master.
    I love that the cam is from the slave's(on their knee's) point of view & your abuse of the slave-cam! The ending of DomVid #1 was fantastic.