18 September 2011

On Coming Out - Part 2

Well, I'm writing this with a rice pudding related accident which may impair my writing ability slightly. Nevertheless, this couldn't wait any more.

A few days ago, I told my best friend that I was gay.

First thing he asked was how long I knew so I told him that's been over a year.

Then he asked if I was sure so I told him honestly that I'm 90% sure.

After that, he made me aware of his surprise to hear this... honestly, I expected him to be.

The whole time, he completely agreed not to tell anyone else.

After that, he asked a few questions about how out I was already.

Then he asked how I found out, to which the answer is experimentation or in other words... jerking off.

His final question was how much I knew about the LGBT community, which I'm ashamed to say is not much.

After that, he was extremely supportive. He offered me a few useful links, offered to tell any people I haven't told already and so on.

Finally, we joked a bit about it and he sent me this great video which made me laugh a lot:


  1. You can't really go wrong with NPH. Pretty awesome friend you have there.

  2. Coming out to your close and life long friends is very hard because you are not sure how they are going to react after all you have been through all your life. Coming out to my friends was more difficult then coming out to my parents. Glad it all worked out and he was supportive for you. I have a question...how does he know more about the LGBT community and links then you do???

  3. He knows about it more because I deliberately ignored all things happening in the LGBT world to seem more heterosexual.