03 September 2011

Peg Videos for TiedFeetGuy

One week ago, you may remember that I posted some pictures of pegs on myself to this blog whilst TFG did the same on his blog. If not, you might want to check out the second link because it actually explains what I was doing.

If you don't really care about what this week-long task actually was then here are "best" bits in one relatively short video:

And for those of you that love watching me suffer... here's the full, unedited video of the 10 pegs for 10 minutes task. I only filmed this one from start to finish because it's the most humiliating.


  1. Excellent! Very entertaining and amusing, thanks!
    Now extend your endurance by another 10 minutes to a full twenty minute period. Adding a futher ten minutes of agony each week till you reach the amount of time you can endure the pins on your sexy bare feet. Also, add the number of pins by 8, one more in between each of your toes for the duration of the time period. You will not be allowed to look at the clock and know the remaining amount of time. Put a hood over your head and wait for the alarm to put and end to it.
    (or have TFG call you on the phone to end it,
    waiting on that phone to ring should be fun)

    PS: one sugestion, not a criticism, you should use an empty room for your vids. Empty is is more
    ominous & malevolent , maybe with just you & a large clock on the back wall

  2. Hm... thanks for the suggestions! I especially appreciate your idea to use an empty room.

    I don't mind criticism as long as it's constructive.