08 October 2011

I just wanted to say...

THANK YOU GUYS! Very recently, my videos reached 100,000 views!

To be honest, I'm surprised that I got this many views seeing as how I've only been making videos for 7 months. Also, most of my videos are unlisted. And I suppose that I do appeal to a very niche market.

Nevertheless, thank you! I suppose now that I'm on Xtube (oh sorry, didn't I mention that?) it'll be no time at all before I reach 1,000,000*

I think this proves that I have such a lot of awesome fans! After all, you guys are the main reason I started making videos and it's one of the reasons I still make them now... although I must admit, I still do the things I do because I love doing them.

So, once again, thank you guys so much. It's been an honour to entertain you.

*Massive sarcasm; if I do reach 1,000,000 videos views across all sites, I will be really surprised and may have to start wondering if I am actually a porn star in training.

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