23 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 10/12

After the foot worship, I wasn't satisfied. I was in charge so I was going to make the most of it.

Since Mark had decided to make me abstain from jerking off or even touching my cock, I felt like it needed a bit of attention...

I took off my jeans and put my feet back his face. Then I ordered him to put his feet on my cock and do a good job.


Surprisingly, even though he'd never done it before, Mark was a natural. After a little while, I felt like I had to jerk off... which got me feeling submissive again. Fortunately, Mark was feeling submissive at about the same time.

We got back into our usual roles and played around a bit. Then we got dressed and went somewhere to get some food.

When we got back, Mark was in charge again and I was his submissive pup, who was about to get very messy...

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