19 October 2011

My Gunging Video

Recently, a few people have been messaging me and asking about this:

Let me do a bit of explaining before I get any more questions...

Firstly, I did not do this in my bathroom because as I mentioned before... it's too small and I'm still sharing it with someone. Instead, this happened at a like-minded friend's house.

Secondly, there are 2 videos to come although I'll be posting them within days of each other. Before this happens, I'll finish posting about me and Master Mark. I also have 2 unrelated videos to upload but I'm not sure if I will because you guys may not like them.

Thirdly, somebody else gunged me! Which was the first time I'd gotten a proper gunging although not the first time I'd been messed up. Mark got there first and I'm not necessarily talking about this.

This brings me onto my last point... I cannot show you the video now. It's not online and before it goes online, I have to edit it a lot since my gunger doesn't want his face to be in it.

What my computer looks like right now.

I hope you appreciate that editing 20 minutes of footage at a frame by frame rate is going to take me a while so please stop asking for it... It will be posted to the blog. You'll just have to wait.

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