02 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 03/12

After Mark let me out of the cage, he sat down. He put a pair of leather mitts on my hands so I couldn't use them. Like a submissive puppy, I started licking the front of jeans hard. He didn't mind so I grabbed his zipper with my teeth and pulled it down before looking to him for permission to continue.

His response was to put duct tape over my eyes so I couldn't see anything before he grabbed another Sharpie and wrote "COCKWHORE" on the blindfold. Then, he let me continue...


  1. You know there is always this great sensation of exploring things with one of your senses taken away. You were doing a very good job...wish you would show more of this vid..
    Keep up the great work, your following is growing every day..
    did you get your birthday gifts??

  2. Love where this is going! How did you get to be so submissive?