25 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 11/12

Master Mark decided that he was going to be a bit cruel. I was told to get undressed at to put on only my shorts and collar. Next, he took the cage out from under the bed and lined it with a bin bag... I knew that I was going to get messy. After that, I climbed into the cage before being handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded with duct tape.

Whilst unable to see, I heard him moving around, getting things ready before he asked me to pick numbers from 1 to 10. The numbers would decide what I got gunged with and no matter what I chose, I was going to get trashed with everything. Knowing this, I just chose numbers at random.

HP sauce (or brown sauce) was first to go over my hair, closely followed by shower gel.

Already hating it, I didn't want to choose anything else but I did anyway. I was ordered to look up as some ketchup went on my face.

I could tell Mark was enjoying this because as soon as he dumped something on me, he immediately asked me to choose again. It wasn't long before I had salad cream, mustard, mayonnaise, mint sauce, chilli-flavoured ketchup and more shower gel on me.

There was one thing left. Apparently, I'd managed to save the best for last... I was told to tilt my head up. I obeyed and waited anxiously. Suddenly, a big glob of something horrible landed on my face, it was warm and smelled like cheese. Turns out, he bought some yoghurt on the previous day and left it out on the window sill to rot.

I wasn't too keen on being messy at that point. Nevertheless, Mark left me there for a while whilst he worked, to sit in the filth.

After a while, he did let me have a shower to get cleaned up because he had to go back home soon... but not before doing one final thing.

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