09 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 05/12

After worshipping Mark's feet for a while, I didn't like it so I moved away from him. For this, I was swiftly punished.

He tied my wrists together with duct tape and proceeded to cover my whole face in duct tape, leaving only my nostrils free so I could breathe. Blindfolded and gagged, he forced me into the cage, threw me his stinky shoe to sniff and left me there.

After a while of smelling his shoe, I eventually fell asleep...

...little did I know that he was using this opportunity to spit on my chest to see if that would wake me up. It didn't.

He grabbed the camera, ensured that the flash was on and took a picture.

The sudden brightness woke me up immediately, I jumped up in a confused state and tried to work out what was going on.

After this, he opened the cage out of what I thought was pity. Then, he took out my pillow to leave me underneath him, helpless and unaware of what he was planning.

Suddenly, I felt my face and hair covered in something wet and cold. My Master had taken a massive amount of drink in his mouth, swirled it around for a few minutes and spat it all over me.

Out of pity this time, he took the duct tape off my face and took another picture of his pathetic little pup.


  1. That was really hot. He is a good master and he surely knows how to play with his pathetic puppy

  2. did you have a safe word or signal?

  3. Not much besides whining like a puppy. Plus, this wasn't the worst thing he did at all...

  4. was just wondering, like in case something went wrong and you needed everything to stop if you guys agreed on a signal - zanev