10 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 06/12

With my hair still wet with spit, he ordered me to lie on kneel on the bed and put my hands behind my back. Again, he blindfolded me with duct tape but I could figure out what he was doing by now.

So it was no surprise when he used rope to tie my wrists to my ankles so that I was kneeling in a hog-tie position.

Without warning, he pushed me over so that my face hit the bed and there was no way for me to get up again.

In this vulnerable position, he rolled me over and took several pictures of me for you all to see.

Eventually, he decided that I looked best on my front so that he could see my feet, his handiwork on my wrists and ankles and his mark written on my back.

Since he knows I'm such a cockwhore, he was even nice enough to put his crotch in my face.

Unable to move, I lied there... helpless... and wondering what he was going to do to me next.

1 comment:

  1. We are all wondering what he did to you next!!! You are doing such a great job in you puppy slave training..keep it up, from the pictures your hard cock seems to show that you are really enjoying yourself. ;)