27 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 12/12

Master Mark thought he was going to do one last thing to his clean puppy.

I was ordered to wear just my boxers before the choke collar was put around my neck, duct tape over my eyes and mitts on my hands. I kneeled obediently just knowing that I was going to have to eat something.

Despite the blindfold, I had a very good idea that it was dog food... mainly from the smell.

It tasted awful... and the edition of some extremely spicy wasabi powder didn't help. Still, I ate most of it, like a good puppy.


After that, I helped Mark pack up all of his gear and that was pretty much it.

We're still chatting and wanting to meet up but we currently can't because our student timetables are fairly busy. Also, we're broke but we're looking at ways to deal with that problem.

I hope you enjoyed this little "series" and let's hope that I'm able to post more stuff like this again!


  1. Dylann Dawg...I never actually thought that you would be eating dog food from that dog bowl when I bought you the bowl and chain. I am so glad I did now, I hope you are to.
    If you guys need money, you might want to think about making more explicit vids (or just some without the shorts on) and when you post them on xtube have a charge to see them. You can keep the less explicit vids posted for free and those of us that really want to see more, can pay to see more. I am sure most of your loyal followers will be happy to pay the small fee to really see you in action and help fund your college education. Then we can all see how much of a "cock whore" you really are :) It is just a thought...
    Hope things are getting better with you mom..
    Keep up the training "DAWG BOI"

  2. o_o are they safe for human consumption?