15 October 2011

Meeting With Mark - Part 08/12

After hurting me with the rubber bands, he rolled me onto my back and put a bin bag under my head. He asked if I want to know what it was like to be cum on. I nodded obediently.

Then I heard him take off his jeans and boxers before he knelt over my chest. I could tell that he was jerking off annoyingly close to my face, teasing that cockwhore in me...

Again, he asked if I wanted to get it in my face. I nodded obediently once more so he decided to cover my hair in talcum powder. He got off me and took a picture.

Whilst he was up, I could hear him going through my drawers, looking for something...

Then, he asked if I enjoyed it and wanted more. Of course, I nodded like an obedient slave and so he squirted something slimy over my hair and face which I later found out to be shower gel.

I knew that he was enjoying trashing my hair because he did it again with some shampoo. I clearly didn't mind either, that was until he did it again but with ketchup.

He knelt over me again and took another picture.

After that, he put the camera down because I could hear how aroused he was... but I refused to be a cockwhore no matter how much I wanted it.

As punishment, he did cum but without letting me see or taste his cock. Then, he forced me to clean myself up because he thought I was just disgusting.

After that, we were equals. We cuddled, watched a film together in bed and then went to sleep, mutually worshipping each others' feet.

Now, obviously I have to post parts 9, 10, 11 and 12. But since these happened the next day, I think you can wait a bit because the next day, we got up to some really fun stuff. Enjoy the blog in the mean time!

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