03 August 2011

Why YouTube Doesn't Suck

My last post may have sounded like a rant against the entire company of YouTube. The truth is that I think YouTube's problem is that they don't properly review videos. That however is not enough to get me to move to another website just yet and here's why:
  • YouTube allows you to upload as many videos as you want.
  • YouTube preserves HD video quality.
  • YouTube has a neat and easy to use editor.
  • YouTube has a great community (apart from those flaggers)
  • YouTube makes it easy to embed videos on blogs.
On that last note, most of my videos will now be unlisted and embedded on various websites such as this one. I'll also be uploading my best work to sites like FootGuys for my feet videos and UMD, CreamyMuckMuck and GungeZone for my messy videos.

So, to all the employees of YouTube, you have done a great job to create a magnificent site... you may want to investigate the people who review flagged videos though.

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