19 August 2011


Now, I know that some of you know this site but those of you that don't, allow me to briefly introduce you to CreamyMuckMuck.com!

First of all, if you're not interested in WAM or gunge, don't even bother visiting the site.

Secondly, if you only like watching people get messy and you don't plan on contributing something to site, don't bother signing up.

Now everyone else (that's us guys that love to get messy), you should really check out the site. It's really aimed at gay British guys that like getting messy but anybody can join and the idea of getting to know other like-minded guys, it's a site where you'd definitely be welcome.

It's a very friendly social network where you can share your pictures and videos with people who understand why you do what you do.

Something else that makes this site particularly unique is the fact that you can join and create your own groups. This makes it so much easier to find people just like you in terms of their location, interests and more.

For example, I'm a member of the groups: "Emo / Scene Guys" and "Fans of Gungy Hair" and more. Although I'm very aware that not everyone shares these interests, that's why it's great to join these groups to get to know people that are!

So as I said... as long as you're going to behave, please join CreamyMuckMuck.com which I'm not just advertising because I happen to know the site's co-creator is awesome and also introduced me to the world of getting my hair messy.


  1. Disappointing to see that the domain registration for CMM has been allowed to lapse. It was, IMO, the best UK male WAM site and it will be missed.

    Your Blog is very good by the way, restwalker.

  2. Great video - it's a shame the website is no more.