13 August 2011

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 3

Oh, it just gets worse... doesn't it. If you missed them, here's Part 1 and here's Part 2.

When I woke up, it was quite late, something past 3PM. So, nearly the first thing I did was film a messy video. After spending over an hour cleaning up, I spent another 2 hours getting videos off my camera.

Finally, by about 7PM I was able to properly chat with my master again. His first task for me was to fill up some socks with oatmeal and put them on which was easy enough. I soon realised that every time I took a step, I'd remember that I was wearing them because they were tight with the messy stuff inside. As the hours passed, I also felt the oatmeal dry and get stickier. It didn't take long before I wanted to take them off.

Thankfully, I was allowed to remove my socks after wearing them for about 4 hours but there was a catch... I had clean my socks using my tongue. I also licked the floor which had gotten messy under the socks because I was really eager to please my master.

After I was done cleaning my socks and the floor (with my tongue first and then a cloth), I reported back to Master Mark demanding that he let me cum! Somehow though, I feel as though I should have known better because his was able to think of a particularly creative 3-part punishment.

Firstly, I had to use a particularly sharp ballpoint pen to write "Mark's Slave" on my chest which was not only humiliating but also difficult to write on myself backwards and painful since that was a small pen tip.

Next, since my master had worked out how much I disliked ketchup and mayonnaise, he thought it was be suitable punishment to squirt some directly onto my boxers and not clean it off until the next day.

Throughout the night, I had to wear my slimy and stinky boxers which proved to be a good punishment that I wouldn't forget any time soon.

My final punishment though, was the nastiest, I had to piss in the toilet, stick my head into the bowl and flush it. Again, I couldn't even dry my hair until the next day.

Guess that'll teach me not to defy my master and then still not be allowed to cum for another day...


  1. Luckily I'm not a slave (at the moment) cause I cummed several times reading this. But I can use a doormat like you and an urinoir.

  2. Fabulous Site but unsure how to join / subscribe to it. p lease advise. Also are the videos available to download? Look forward to hearing from you very soon. Phil.