03 August 2011

How to find my videos...

Those of you that have seen my YouTube channel recently may have noticed a distinct lack of videos. Fear not, I am not banned from YouTube! I have merely made all of my videos unlisted which you means you can watch them if you have the video URL.

Now the options are: you can either e-mail me asking for URL of your favourite video or you go to a playlist to see various videos with a common theme.

These playlists can be found on the right side of my blog at the top (underneath the words "Video Playlists") but you might not know what they each mean so let me explain.

Videos without me getting messy

Videos where I'm dominant towards the viewer

Messy Feet
Videos where I get my feet messy

Requested Videos
Videos which were done for somebody else

Videos where I'm wearing socks

Videos where I'm submissive (and usually tied up / in pain)

Unplanned Videos
Videos which I decided to do for myself

WAM Sessions
Videos where more than my feet gets wet and / or messy

And on that final note, since "WAM Sessions" is my favourite playlist, here it is already embedded for you: