14 August 2011

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 5

Well, I'm a nice guy, that's why I wasn't too harsh on Mark. Also, he was quite nice to me for most of the time. I was also aware of that the fact that he's be able to get his revenge soon enough so I didn't want to be mean.

Fairly early on, I thought it would be a good idea to make my slave write "slave boi" on his cock as well as wear his Curve just in case he was thinking of edging too early on. I think it was an appropriate torture and reminder that he was my bitch for the next few hours. I was also sure to remind him that I wasn't going to make him wear it for 6 hours and only if he completed my three tasks.

His first task was to put his feet on a plate of toffee sauce for 30 minutes before licking it off the soles of his feet. I also instructed him to lick the plate clean but I didn't force him to film that part.

My boi's second task was to get that toffee sauce out again and completely cover the waffles on the soles of his Vans. Then he had to get them clean with just his tongue... I told you I'd get revenge.

To finally get the right to edge, I told my slave that he had to do 85 push-ups first. What I didn't realise is that Mark's actually really fit and so was able to do this in no time at all...

As promised, I let him take off the Curve and edge as much as he wanted. My one rule was that he had to cum at midnight which meant I had few hours to frustrate him.

Initially, I made him do is make him watch several videos of foot worship which he had found on the previous night.

After that, we spent about an hour discussing how he'd be my bitch in real life. After about 8 hours in total, I finally let me slave cum at midnight as agreed.

What I wasn't counting on was the fact that I really wanted to be submissive again. Even after the worst things I was made to do. So... prepared for the consequences, I agreed to be a slave again and I even threatened to cum that night just to deserve punishment for something.

I am letting you all know that until further notice, Master Mark has promptly put back in my proper place now feeling even more submissive, eager to serve him until I'm allowed to cum and fearful of whatever cruel punishments he has lined up.

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