10 August 2011

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 1

Well I'm sure some of you know that I'm submissive and quite like humiliating myself. However, I'm sure that if you've seen my dominant videos, then you know I can act like a real jerk when I want to be.

This leads me on to Mark or "theteenfootdude" as he calls himself on YouTube (which you should totally check out). After exchanging a few private messages, we added each other on MSN and got chatting.

Something about a skater / emo guy with an interest in feet and other guys humiliating themselves just made him seem like a cool guy... and I wasn't wrong!

Eventually I found out that Mark has a little bit of a submissive side so we agreed that I would be his master for a couple of hours during which he had to be my boi and do whatever I told him to do other there would be consequences...

To begin with, I was nice and just made him watch a few select videos from his Favourites during which he wasn't allowed to even touch his cock no matter how hard it was for him.

Now, my original plan was to make him get a bowl of ice to cool down his crotch. However, he argued that he couldn't get any ice... Surely he should have known that disobeying your master has consequences.

I made him get his sweatiest pair of socks (which he'd fortunately worn for two weeks without washing them)! He had to rinse one of them under a tap of cold water and put it on his cock and balls. The other sock had to go in his mouth whilst I teased him with the fact that he couldn't do cum until I wanted him to.

Once Mark's cock-sock had heated up enough, I made him take the other sock out of his mouth. For punishment, I made my slave wring the rank sweat and water from the damp sock into his mouth.

By now, I was starting to take pity on him so I let him stroke his cock after 2 hours of denial. Just to make sure he couldn't start wanking properly, I forced him to put both pairs of socks on his cock whilst he was edging to a few videos of my choice.

I let him remove his socks and talked with him about what I'd actually make him do to with my feet if he was here. I won't go into the details of this rather large conversation but I'd make my boi clean the soles of my shoes, socks and feet whilst he was tied up and with his cock in chastity.

You can't exactly jerk off if I've got the key to this...

Finally, I eventually let Mark cum after a countdown from 10 to 1 which he certainly seemed to enjoy.

Now, I'm sure that some of you thought that was a lovely story and believe me, I had fun being a master for a change but afterwards Mark wanted his turn. So on that night, he got started getting his revenge which would lead to me being submissive again...


  1. Great story but please write about the night you got humilliated by the revenge of Mark. Would love to hear that!!!
    (wrote by wetwetwetnl)

  2. That sounds super hot...that is something you should be videoing and posting on your site. Now that you have your own blog you should be able to post what ever you want and not go through youtube for the more adult stuff....