13 August 2011

Humiliation with theteenfootdude - Part 4

If you need to catch up... Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

I woke up in the afternoon. My hair was slightly damp with toilet water. My chest still had the words "Mark's Slave" written on it. My crotch still smelled like ketchup. All I wanted to do was be an obedient slave just so that my master would finally let me cum.

My first task was to edge whilst watching my master's new video. Whilst watching it, I wanted to smell his sweaty feet and boots so badly that I nearly came just then.

Afterwards, Master Mark further teased me about the fact that he'd filmed a messy video for me and that I couldn't watch it until I earned it.

So, in nothing but my smallest boxers, I had to get my never-washed Vans and worship them like as if my master was wearing them. I did worship them for longer but the full video's quite repetitive. They didn't taste nice...

When I came back, I had to watch his my messy feet video twice whilst edging. I was getting really desperate to the point where I'd let him use my tongue as a doormat and use me in any way he wanted.

After he let me alone for a few hours to try distracting myself from the fact that I really wanted to cum.

Finally, he returned to finally tease me a little more with thoughts to make me even more frustrated before finally letting me cum.

I can assure you... it was intense. My chest, face and hair got quite drenched...

Thank you Sir.

Now, since I was allowed to cum. Mark was now my slave again and you know what, I want revenge. Leave a comment... I want to know how to punish him.

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