09 August 2011

Playing With Pies

Well, nobody actually requested but after seeing a lot of interesting pictures and videos of it. I finally decided to use pie crusts!

If I'm completely honest, I do not see the point when you can just cover a cheap paper plate in custard. No matter, it was still fun to slam three pies of shaving foam, custard and treacle into my face.

Yes, I'm very aware of just how silly I look in this video. It was fun to get messy like this, not as much fun to clean custard off the walls and get pastry out of my ears.

Let me just say that you shouldn't expect me to use any more pie crusts that I've filled. I might use foil cases, readymade pies and paper plates.

On a final note, I filmed a bit of the clean up... leave a comment if you want to see Part 2.

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