24 August 2011

Mayo And Milk for theteenfootdude

Ah, another task from Master Mark. This time, I was very suspicious since all Mark said I had to do was cover my boxers (unwashed since the ketchup / mayo punishment) in mayo, pick them up in my mouth and then get my feet messy with a tin of condensed milk. I was also allowed to wear what I wanted as long as I wore my dog collar, tag and had "Mark's Puppy" written on my feet.

When I received this task, I was extremely suspicious and concerned as to why this task was so pleasant. I even tried to convince my Master to make this task worse but he refused.

Eventually, I gave up and did it and was surprised to find that the mayo didn't taste so bad but the condensed milk was quite hard to clean up, especially off my hairy legs...

It was still great fun to film, enjoy!

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