08 August 2011


Alright, this is something new I'm doing. Basically, if you like my stuff you might also like some other sites which you should check out if you haven't already done so.

Seeing as how he was nice enough to feature me, I figured I'd return the favour (although I know he's a lot more famous than me).

I present... TiedFeetGuy.com

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Now, there are two reasons to check out this site:

Firstly, in the owner's own words, the site contains

Now, although the site doesn't have as much gunge as I'd like, he still posts some great stuff. So as I said, if you like my stuff, you'll like this guy's.

Secondly, "TiedFeetGuy" is an awesome guy. I've been e-mailing with him for a little while now and really gotten to know just how cool the guy is.

I could go into detail about that or you could get to know him better yourself by checking out his site now! Oh and check out his YouTube page and Xtube page too... here's a little taster:

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